FAQ - Road Repair/Maintenance

Q.  Who do I call for issues on my road?
​A.  If you live within the city limits, please call the city garage at 270-831-1234;  If you live on a numbered road (i.e. US Hwy) please
​      contact the state garage at 270-826-4145.  All others should contact the county garage at 270-826-8843.

​Q.  Who do I call for a dead animal on the road?
​A.  There is no department that picks up dead animals in the county.  The state road department and the county road department
​      will move a dead animal obstructing the flow of traffic to the side of the road.

​Q.  Who is responsible for removing a dead tree close to the road?
​      If it is on private property, it is the property owners responsibility.  If it is in the right-of-way, please notify the road department.