Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance

Henderson County participates in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) and the Community Rating System (CRS).  Our community is at risk of flooding from the Ohio River and its tributaries.

Visit our GIS mapping page and search for your address to check your flood risk.

Remember, Homeowners Insurance excludes flood coverage.  See the flyers linked below for more information on Flood Insurance.

All floodplain development needs a local permit.  Contact our office with questions.

Maps & Prevention Plans

The Henderson City-County Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance and Map Amendments were completed at the end of 2012, and became official on February 20, 2013. The Planning Commission staff is now taking on the duties and responsibilities of administering the Ordinance and interpreting the Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRMS).

The current  Special Flood Hazard Areas SFHAs are effective as of September 29, 2017; this language still reflects the 2013 maps.

Floodplain Administrator

Please contact Brian Bishop, Floodplain Administrator at 270-831-1289.


FEMA Flood Maps
FEMA National Flood Insurance
Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet
Henderson Co. GIS
* Real Time Gage Data

* "In general, the term flood stage is defined as the gage height of the lowest bank of the reach in which the gage is situated. The term "lowest bank" is, however, not to be taken to mean an unusually low place or break in the natural bank through which the water inundates an unimportant and small area. The common definition is the stage at which overflow of the natural banks of a stream begins to cause damage in the local area from inundation (flooding)."